Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: The karaoke queen. The unfaithful girlfriend. The eyebrow-tweezer. Somewhere Catherine Zeta-Jones is all, "Give me back my looks from ten years ago."
Kim: I liked Lori, overall. She does look like Catherine Zeta-Jones, but she has exactly the same speaking voice as Gwyneth Paltrow. Close your eyes, and it's Gwyneth.
Stee: She's very pretty and seems cool. Not much bad to say about her, yet. But her boyfriend should dump the shit out of her.
Kim: Yeah, I can't believe she called him "emotionally immature" on camera. Well, at all, but especially on camera.
Stee: Plus her parents stayed in a loveless marriage for twenty-one years just for her sake. But I guess that's not really her fault.
Kim: How fucking harsh is it that her mom said, "Your father and I never loved each other." Dude.

Jason and Coral go swimming together. Jason is ostensibly teaching Coral how to swim. Coral goes underwater and when she surfaces, rubs her breasts all over Jason's head. Suddenly, they are inside, near a steamed-up window. Coral's hand wipes some of the steam off the window. The camera man stands outside the closed door and Coral comes out and acts surprised to see him there. She denies that anything was going on.

Kim: I liked Coral in the beginning, because she was straightforward. But then she ruined it with the boobs in the pool and the steamy window. So staged. So I'm convinced she's a big fake.
Stee: Coral is viper mean and a total back-stabber. A holier-than-thou bitch with a seriously swelled head, insanely judgemental, and has eighteen different agendas at one time. I love her. She seems like she belongs on Road Rules Semester At Sea.
Kim: I liked that she calls people out, and isn't afraid of confrontation. I'd much rather see that than bitching behind people's backs (although she does that too).
Stee: She had some great lines. To someone she was all, "It just sounds like bark bark bark, and I don't speak dog."
Kim: Did you notice whenever the group was gathered for the games, she always had women sitting around her, playing with her hair, or she was leaning on someone's legs? It's like she was a queen. I expected someone to start feeding her grapes.
Stee: That would have made for good TV. She scares people, just like that mean chick from Miami did. And I'm not talking about Gloria Estefan. Who also scares people but in a different way.

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Road Rules




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