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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: Hee! But then she can also be really nice. When it serves her purposes. Whatever they may be.
Stee: Jason looked like Robbie Robertson. With the soul patch. He is, like Dustin, a gay-hating hillbilly, but at least he was open to things.
Kim: Jason looks like Pacey. And he got a face full of Coral boobies.
Stee: He looked like Pacey, but before Pacey ate the whole town. Jason brought a bottle of booze as his Show & Tell item, which is really kinda smart if you want to drink. Jason is an alcoholic.
Kim: Were you as horrified as I was by the swimming booby business? I'm scarred.
Stee: Why are you scarred?
Kim: Didn't you see when Coral swam underwater and then came up and stuck her boobs right in Jason's face? She nearly concussed him with those things!
Stee: Yeah, it was funny. She tried to play it off, but Jason was all, "I think you need another lesson, missy." I loved that while Jason was all thinking he was about to get some, Coral was just drawing on the steam in the window behind his head.
Kim: She was practically crooking her finger to the cameraman: "Come here! Over here! Film this!" and then when they showed up, she was "surprised."

Steve says that this is his fourth time trying to be on one of the shows. The casting crew walks through the patio area, and everyone falls silent. It's the last night, and they are all going out somewhere to celebrate. Everyone gets dressed up. Once there, nothing interesting happens. Tom says that he thinks some people are basing their whole lives on whether they get on a show or not.

Kim: After all the buildup, I can't believe we didn't really get to see Jisela dance at the "End of the Week Blowout" thing.
Stee: That Blowout sucked ass. The lamest party ever. Sophia was rapping. The four couples danced. And the white boys talked at the bar. That's it.
Kim: There was so much buildup to it, and then they showed two seconds of dark footage. Why bother?

It's Announcement Day! Segun tells us that he really wants it, and is practically crying. Jisela thinks that Ellen will be on Road Rules. Jisela feels that she herself is too shallow to get on any show. Ellen never wants to hear the words "shallow, deep, fake, or real" again. Segun says that he won't know what to do if he doesn't make it, because he's basing his whole life's happiness on this.

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