Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Bunim and Murray come out with the casting crew to make the announcements. Murray reveals that they will call out thirteen names, but that the cast members won't know which show they are on until they get to New York City. The new cast members are:

  1. Jisela.
  2. Malik
  3. Kevin, who says they are all in a fraternity due to their shared experience.
  4. Sophia, who hugs the casting director who interviewed her.
  5. Adam
  6. Rachel B.
  7. Coral
  8. Mike, who hugs Murray so hard he nearly cracks him in half, and yells about how stupid he feels.
  9. Blair
  10. Lori
  11. Ellen, who cries and apologizes for being a bitch.
  12. Steve
  13. Nicole

Kim: We should probably talk about all the losers before this is over.
Stee: Vanessa. Jigga-who?
Kim: Exactly.
Stee: Here's what I wrote in my notes: "Blonde. Bland. Brought Polaroid photo."
Kim: All I know about her is that she brought a picture of herself from the casting call as her Show & Tell thing. How boring are you if that's the best you could come up with?
Stee: Her personality makes Kathryn and Holly look like Rip Taylor. Let's move on. Clint.
Kim: Seriously. Who?
Stee: My notes, "Brought Afro wig. Sugar-Ray looking guy." He got zero screen time. He also got booted, so who cares?
Kim: I think the fact that he brought an Afro wig, and that Malik didn't kick his ass, is amazing.
Stee: I think it was Malik's hair. Next up is Bart. I don't know.
Kim: Why did they even bother bringing twenty-seven people when at least seven weren't going to get any air time?
Stee: Who really can say who the real Bart is. Bart is enigmatic.
Kim: I still don't know who you are talking about.
Stee: Bart is, well, Bart is Bart. There's just so much Bartness.
Kim: Are you sure you didn't make this guy up?
Stee: It's hard to talk about really... Yeah, no, I have no idea who Bart was.
Kim: Let's just throw Asmaret in here too.
Stee: Asmer-what? Yeah, she had big ol' googly eyes and used to hang with white girls but lived in the ghetto. That's all I remember.
Kim: Asmaret stole Melissa's line from last year about "not black enough for the blacks, not white enough for the whites." What about Jenn?
Stee: Jenn? No, you're thinking of Vanessa. Oooooh, Jenn. She brought a boa and then tried to spin it into a sad "my daddy raped me"-type story when she realized what a tool she was about to look like.

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Road Rules




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