Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: So sad.
Stee: Tom is next. Tom is a dumb-looking white guy who also used to be fat and likes Ellen. That's all I know about him. That's all his mom really knows about him, too.
Kim: He brought a picture of Chevy Chase. I'm not sure if that was funny, but it cracked me up.
Stee: Did he? That's stupid. Even Chevy's wife no longer has any photos of Chevy.
Kim: That was his Show & Tell, but they never told us why. He just waved the picture around. Like if he was all, "I love Fletch and Caddyshack," fine. But if he was all, "Worship Chevy like a god," well -- no.
Stee: Sure.

Kim: Patrice was pretty and had a great smile. Other than that, I've got nothing.
Stee: I thought Patrice was pretty but she went the way of the Jenn and the Bart. Zero screen time. She must have been one of Murray's favorites and Bunim just wanted to take away all his happiness and joy in life.
Kim: I liked when she said she was proud of her fat ass. It made me want to know more about her. Fucking Bunim.
Stee: Have they even had an overweight person on these shows? Maybe the singer from London? She was a bit larger than Jacinda, at least.
Kim: Yeah, she's about it. Sharon.
Stee: Hey, are you as ashamed as me that you know all these people's names? Like, I couldn't remember the other day what a scalene triangle is, but I know why Stephen hit Irene and what Norman's dog was named.
Kim: No, because I actually know the people's names. You're all, "The singer from London!" Like you don't know her name.
Stee: Okay, but no one knows London!
Kim: It's an arcane knowledge. But yes, it is shameful.
Stee: Guess who is last?
Kim: Adam? Kidding.
Stee: Jaclyn. Here is my note on Jaclyn, "Latina."
Kim: Shit. She's so forgettable that I couldn't even remember her to throw into the "forgettable" pile.
Stee: Yeah, B/M even forgot to save her a seat on the bus out of Palm Springs.
Kim: The only camera time she got was when Rachel D. had to tell her first impressions of everyone and she said, "Jaclyn" and I was all laughing because I thought she fucked up someone's name, but then it turned out there really was a Jaclyn. Who knew?
Stee: No one. Patrice. Vanessa. Clint. Bart. Jenn. Asmeret. Tom. Jaclyn. We hardly knew ye. Now go the fuck home.

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Road Rules




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