Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

There are hugs and tears. Ellen tries to comfort Segun, who is having a nervous breakdown. Angel and Jisela say goodbye. Ellen and Coral make up and agree to listen to each other. They do a big group photo with the winners and losers. Katie offers to be a backup if someone can't make it.

Stee: I'm so glad Segun got dissed. Ran home crying to his "girlfriend." I still loved when he was all painted like he was in The Lion King stage show.
Kim: I think he committed suicide.
Stee: He and Pedro are playing canasta somewhere.

Over the credits, Katie tells someone on the phone that she is too boring to make it on either show.

Kim: Apparently there is a "race war" in the first Real World episode because (surprise!) Mike makes a stupid-ass comment.
Stee: Cool! Have you heard anything else?
Kim: Lori is really into Kevin -- he's not so much into her. Mike says they sat around and drank all the time. You know, because there's nothing to do in New York City.
Stee: Okay. Anything about my show? My show? Road Rules? No? Shit. Everyone hates Road Rules. Even Chains of Love is all, "Road what?" Boot Camp beats up the Road Rules in the lunch line every day.
Kim: Quit crying, you baby. ["Seriously. Like, with your track record of the assy shows I've assigned you, you're complaining about Road Rules? Do you want me to start my letter-writing campaign to revive The $treet? Because I will." -- Wing Chun] I noticed that there were a lot of cast members who were like, "I used to think I was hot shit until my father raped me," or whatever. That was this year's theme, like last year was about Jesus.
Stee: Totally. That was the theme. I'm hoping next year it will be "Show Your Boobies," but that's probably just me.

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Road Rules




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