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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: Didn't you love how in the Show & Tell people would bring something out and then be all, "This reminds me of when I was raped by my babysitter and then I was run over by a bus and then my dad set me on fire. Please cast me."
Kim: It was just like last year with the tragedy.
Stee: Many more blondes last year. And Jesus freaks.

The potential cast members (or PCMs, if you will) are assigned rooms. Mike tells us that he's loud and obnoxious, and that people don't like him at first. Segun tells Mike that cheating on your girlfriend is only cheating if you get caught. Adam says that he wants to travel. Rachel B. wants to get away from her overprotective mother and make her own decisions for once. Also, Rachel's parents were divorced when Rachel was young, and her dad isn't a part of her life.

Outside, Segun opines that women say that men only want hos, but he doesn't think that's true. Coral totally shuts him down by getting him to admit that he uses women. Later, Coral says that she hates Segun because he doesn't represent black men well. Segun, like Mike, feels that people don't like him when they first meet him. They are most likely both right. ["Wait a second. Segun?" -- Wing Chun]

Lori tells everyone that she sings well. They encourage her to use a conveniently available karaoke machine, and she sings "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. She's got a decent voice but it's hard to tell how good she is, because the tape cuts off after the first verse. Rachel D. dances in the background and is generally annoying and trying to grab attention. Kevin tells us that he likes Lori.

Now it's time for the first round of Truth or Dare. Theo explains that their fellow PCMs submitted the questions. Each PCM has to answer a question, and if everyone doesn't feel the answerer was truthful, the PCM has to pick a dare out of a fishbowl. First up is Adam, who is asked to describe a sexual fantasy he's had about a minority PCM. Adam says that his dad wouldn't want him to bring home a black girl, but that even his dad couldn't protest if Adam brought home Patrice, because she's so hot. He then demonstrates how he would slide into her, and it's gross. He's deemed truthful, so no dare. Coral is asked whether there is ever a time when people don't get on her nerves. She says that they don't get on her nerves if they act like themselves. This is also deemed truthful, but in reality, everyone is scared to make Coral do a dare. Ellen is told that she claims people don't like her and asks if she thinks they are jealous. Ellen answers that she is confident and that other people are insecure, so she thinks they are jealous. Blair points out that it was a pretty safe answer. Ellen amends her statement to say, essentially, "I look cute and fat girls hate me." Segun is asked to what extent he has fantasized about other men, sexually. Segun answers that all straight guys wonder, but all the other guys deny that it's true. Segun has to do a dare. His dare is to do a striptease, and he does, but he only takes off his shirt.

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Road Rules




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