Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Kim: I found it amusing how none of the guys would back Segun up on the "attracted to other guys" thing, and yet they were all chanting for him to get naked when he stripped.
Stee: Yeah, they wanted to see his crazy-looking nipples. What about Adam?
Kim: He likes to get into the crack. That's all I remember.
Stee: Here are my notes about him, "White guy. Coral interrupted him. Rock climber. Can't date a black girl." And he loves the crack.
Kim: He totally dissed his dad on television. "My dad's a big old racist, but even he would like Patrice, because she's super-fine."
Stee: He only made Road Rules because he can climb mountains and shit.
Kim: Well, sometimes people who are really boring on the casting special turn out to be interesting. I'm trying to cheer you up.
Stee: Yeah, thanks.

Jisela and Blair lie on the beds in some room and trash-talk Ellen. Jisela hates Ellen because Ellen hates fat people. Blair tells Jisela that he tries to see the good over the bad in people, and he thinks Ellen has really low self-esteem. Jisela thinks that Ellen and Segun will be the first two to cry, either because they are tired of being phony, or as a plea for attention. Meanwhile, in another part of the compound, Ellen says that she's already caught two girls talking about her. Segun tells her that people are just jealous of the two of them. ["Okay, is Ellen twelve? She 'caught' people talking about her? Freak." -- Wing Chun]

That night, in their room, Mike questions Segun's masculinity because he wears gloves with lotion under them to bed. Segun just wants to be pretty. The next morning, Mike says that he is realizing this week how different people can be. Segun is waiting for the shower, and his entire head is covered in some sort of facial mask, and it's all white. Like, every single bit of his head is painted white. Sophia tells a story about playing softball, and admits that she's a tomboy, and that she thinks playing sports kept her out of trouble as a kid.

Kim: Segun's name should be Shogun. What a mess.
Stee: My dad had a friend named Dave who joined a cult, and they made him change his name to Sagoon, just like this dude pronounces it. I loved Segun. Somewhere Stephen was home going, "GAY!"
Kim: I was trying to be open-minded, but the lotion glove thing was, as Tony Soprano would say, very gay.

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Road Rules




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