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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: The lotion. The fucking mohair sweaters. No one said anything about it, but at one point he had white paint over his entire face and head.
Kim: Oh my God! What the hell was that about? I'm a girl and I don't even know. He's more girly than me. I'm not sure what that says about me.
Stee: I think he wore lipstick, too.

Time again for Show & Tell. Steve coaches his little sister's soccer team. The casting crew notes that he was so poor growing up that he slept in a cardboard box instead of a crib. Katie shows a pen that her dad made for her. Asmeret shows her dog tags. In an interview, Asmeret tells us that in school, the black kids thought she wasn't black enough, so she hung out with the white kids. Vanessa brought a Polaroid of herself to show. Angel brought Silly Putty because he has had to learn to play different roles since his father died, and Silly Putty changes shape and picks up ink from the Sunday comics. We don't know. Jisela shows off her dancing shoes and talks about all the different kinds of dancing she loves to do, especially salsa! The casting crew loves her. Blair brought a teddy bear that his father gave him when he was in the hospital as a kid. Blair explains that one whole side of his body was burned. Mike brought a video camera because he likes to document his experiences. Ellen asks about his most memorable video moment, and he tells a sex story that concludes, "She rode me for a while." Everyone is disgusted.

Kim: I couldn't hate Mike more if he set me on fire.
Stee: Hee. Maybe he set Blair on fire. He's the new Theo.
Kim: No, he is much more terrible than Theo.
Stee: It's going to be fun watching bigoted Mike go to the West Village for the first time. "Hey, there's a queer! Hey, there's another queer! Hey...Wait a minute!" I loved how everyone hated him when he was talking about taping himself having sex.
Kim: He thought he was such a mack daddy with the sex talk and how "kinky" it was, and everyone just stared at him and thought, "What a fucking tool." I'm from a small town. I didn't have any out gay friends in high school. That's no excuse for being an idiot and I'm sick of the people on this show pretending that it is. Okay, I'll save my venom for the season and shut up now.

In an interview, Angel talks about his sister, who is gay. He used to think that two girls kissing was erotic, but now he thinks it is disgusting. Murray asks the rest of the casting crew whether they think Angel would be morally opposed to a gay castmate. Jisela and Angel lie on a bed somewhere and flirt, and then kiss.

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Road Rules




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