Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

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The Real World/Road Rules Casting Special

Stee: Yeah, I know. She sorta disappeared as things went on. I hope Coral and Mike get her drunk and tag-team her.
Kim: Her hair bugs me.
Stee: Her hair was like that Beth A. chick who doesn't look like I remembered on the show. L.A., I think?
Kim: Yeah. Minus the lipstick lesbian part.

It's Day Three. Nicole tells Malik and Jason that she lives in the ghetto. Malik says that he really likes Nicole. Jason says that since he doesn't know anything about her situation, he doesn't want to pass judgment, and he hopes that he can learn from her. Mike tells Coral that he can't understand why gay men like other guys. Coral tells him that it's not for him to understand, and wonders why he even cares what other people do. Mike says that he has never been around people who accepted gays, or think that blacks and whites are equal. Apparently, Mike is from the nineteenth century. Jisela tells Sophia that she will be there for her, when Sophia tells everyone that she's a lesbian. Sophia thinks that being gay is only part of who she is, and reveals that her parents don't know.

Kim: I liked Nicole overall, and I'm scared to say this, but sometimes she looks like a drag queen.
Stee: Yes! That's in my notes. Totally. Looked like Angel from Rent.
Kim: Whew! I was afraid I would be alone on that one.
Stee: Sometimes she looked fly. But other times she looked guy.
Kim: Ha ha ha!
Stee: Anyway, we like Nicole even though one out of three times she looks like a man.

Show & Tell again. Rachel D. shows off her license plate that says "XCITE ME," and reveals that she used to be really arrogant about her looks; then she got in a car accident and her face was disfigured. She didn't leave the house for five months, and finally learned that beauty is only skin deep. Murray tells the casting crew that Rachel D. is a natural organizer, and that things will never get boring with her around. Because there's no better television than watching a bunch of young adults play Pictionary. Malik shows off a mix CD and reads some lyrics. Nicole shows her journal and says that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Jenn shows a boa from her boa collection and haltingly explains that she used to be arrogant and cocky. Bart shows off a stuffed dog named Nipper. Sophia shows a photo album of her friends and her rainbow necklace, signifying her sexuality. Everyone hugs her. She says that she was worried about Kevin's and Jason's reactions in particular, but that they were totally cool. Jason even says that he likes the gays now. Sophia made her hair into a mini-Afro to be more like Malik.

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Road Rules




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