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Unfair Warfare

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Saving Private Steven

On the truck, Sophia voice-overs that she gives medics a lot of credit because "they go in there gung-ho style" to help people. Michael Keaton once went Gung Ho-style, but he wasn't helping anyone. At all. The kids arrive back at the refugee camp and take care of hurt people and load the shit off the truck and everyone is doing a good job and a "doctor" arrives and the hit medic lies, "They saved my life." They're done and a scary man -- Lieutenant Colonel Dickey -- hulks over and tells them they did well and gives them the "Perseverance" piece of the crest. (Didn't they already get that piece? No? I'm confused.) They have to bring all the other pieces on their flight back to the base tomorrow. (Flight? Whatever.) The kids scream and hug and chant, "Road Rules! Road Rules!" Medic!

Blair camera-talks about team work and relying on each other. Steve camera-talks about being able to step aside. The kids get back on the truck as Sophia floats that they put aside their differences and "sucked it up." No, once again, that's Ellen's job. Sophia is proud of them. Ellen says it's over now. They walk in slo-mo. And that's it!

Well. I don't know what to say. One more. Right after this one. I just need a little breather. War is indeed hell. But so is Bunim-Murray.

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Road Rules




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