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Now everyone is talking to Ellen on the street. Ellen says "supposably," and goes on to say that she doesn't care, and Blair bitches back, and Ellen smiles, and Blair says this tears a group apart. Ellen floats that she doesn't know why everyone is trying to make her a "more developed person." I don't understand what that means.

As the kids get a tire replaced, some dude brings them their next mission. Sophia reads. It's the Crest of Trust they have to get; they have a training session for whatever it is that night. Sophia says something about trust, and they show a shot of Ellen.

Travelling. The kids drive to Algemesi and arrive at night in some playground where Spaniards make a human tower. The kids are all psyched and Ellen says she's used to doing this type of stuff in cheerleading. Of course she is. And sucking cock. (Hey, I made a joke!) Ellen says she's "always on top." We meet their trainers. They will have to be part of the human tower and be strong and no problem. Adam floats that this is only a guy thing. Katie says it's been going on for two hundred years, but only with guys; they're the first girls. ExpoSteve says it's a big base of people tapering up to one little boy on top. Blair floats that they thought it wasn't a big deal, but then they saw the guys doing the tower and realized it will be harder than they thought. Everyone is scared watching it. Steve thinks they can't do it. Blair says someone will get hurt. Commercials.

Back. In a hangar, they train with others. They have to perform in a town square the next day in front of people and will only get one shot. Katie is at the top and yells to be let down. Ellen reveals that she's been told she will be the one on top holding the boy; Blair floats that it's ironic that this will all be up to Ellen, and that they'll have to trust her. Sophia makes a "cat" joke about Ellen and balance. Ellen drops the little boy. Sophia says the odds of them making it are not good. On top, Ellen is told to lift her leg; showing off,she lifts it to her head, and they all fall down. She voice-overs, "I don't think so logically, sometimes." No shit. Sophia floats that it's not funny. ADDam yells at Ellen and then floats that Ellen doesn't care about them, obviously. The boys bitch.

Shot of the moon. Tioga. Adam disses Ellen to the group and says she's not a good observer. Steve voice-overs that this is not going to be good; he tells Ellen to let the boy help her out because he knows much more than she does. Ellen says it wasn't explained well, and then she tells Steve not to underestimate her and that she believes in herself. "More power to you," responds Steve. Ha. Ellen says she's not going to drop the kid and that she'd rather fall herself; in a great comic aside, Steve says, "Well, if you fell you'd drop the kid, too, so...." Ellen floats that they're all attacking her because she's the strongest and is the one who can take it. What?

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Road Rules




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