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And then, for no reason at all, Kristy Joe decides to call the whole house together for a meeting to share her aforementioned epiphany. She's wearing very little makeup, which adds an extra level of import to the situation. She tells the other girls that she got out of a very serious relationship, then met her second husband two months later. My question is...why does Kristy Joe only have half eyebrows? Oh, wait, I think Inna must have stolen them. Watch for contestants' eyebrows to disappear as Inna's monobrow reaches heretofore unimagined proportions. Anyway, Kristy Joe thinks that Bret is another rebound relationship. But...they're not in a relationship. I'm just saying. Kristy Joe tells the other girls that she doesn't know whether to walk away or to stay and wait. Megan summarizes it thusly: "So, Kristy Joe is basically saying that she's an emotional mess, wreck, baggage, all kinds of husbands and kids and trailers, whatever." I couldn't have said it better. Anyway, Kristy Joe is weeping and debating as to what she should do. Ambre interviews that she might be going a little overboard, given that she has known Bret for approximately five days. The other girls basically think she's a stupid bitch and point out that she might want to talk to Bret about this. In the words of Megan, yet again, "Go! Go! Nobody's stopping you. I don't see anybody stopping you. Get the fuck out!" Who knew she would be such a voice of wisdom in this episode?

In any case, Kristy Joe goes to talk to Bret. Drama drama drama, she has feelings for Bret but shit to deal with at home, he deserves more than the 50% she can give him because she's not fully healed from her last relationship, etc. Bret interviews that he's willing to deal with any emotional baggage and any issues regarding a woman's past, but he can't deal if she's still emotionally connected. He's very wise sometimes. It's almost as if he's a karaoke host. He tells Kristy Joe that he doesn't want to let her go, but he doesn't want someone to be there if they have stuff that they need to take care of. He likes Kristy Joe and thinks she's beautiful, but he notes that you can't make someone love you if they don't. Like, if they were both lying close together, they'd still feel miles apart inside. Bret tells Kristy Joe to stop thinking about it for a little while and go get some sleep. As my friend Stephanie said the other day, "Bret is amazingly patient with these women. He always finds something good about them, even if it's just their tits." Kristy Joe is still debating what she should do.

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