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A Ride On The Wild Side

And then we cut back to the elimination room, sans Aubrey. Bret turns over the final pass that he was holding, and we find out that it was Kristy Joe all along. Aubrey is feeling pretty stupid right about now. Megan says she was embarrassed to even watch. Kristy Joe is quite happy to see that Bret wanted her to stay. They make out sloppily. In the words of Inna Tuna, "Kristy Joe, are you kidding me? You're so dramatic and excited and you're all over Bret and you're shaking and crying. Get the fuck outta here, dude." Bret wants Kristy Joe to let her guard down -- if she doesn't, he says, they'll be "passion ships in the night." He wants her to drop her guard, among other things I'm guessing, so he can "get in there" and see what she's all about. Destiney has the feeling that Kristy Joe is playing some major head games with everyone in the house, and she doesn't fucking like it. Kristy Joe interviews that she's there to stay. The girls crack open a Bret's Brew and agree to party on.

Next week: Mudbowl II! And Peyton is the newest emotional mess of the week. Oh no!

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