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Children of the Scorn

Beverly, meanwhile, is trying to bribe kids into voting for her by giving them water balloons. Jamie is not a mom, and has negative maternal instinct. She eagerly awaits a challenge that she knows how to do. Brittanya reiterates that she is not good with kids and generally looks miserable. Mindy's got a hot bod but is not quite in the running for supermom. Farrah, meanwhile, takes advantage of the situation and allows a little girl to give her a pedicure. I like her style. Finally there's Taya, who is running even more than the kids on the wet concrete. Dangerous, but Bret is entranced enough by her jiggle that he doesn't mind bending the rules of the pool. That's how we all feel until someone has to call EMS. Really, I think that everyone's just relieved that all of the kids came out of this alive.

Bret returns and sends the ladies to the bar so he can chit-chat with the kids and figure out who's going to get the hot date. Farrah would like to win despite putting in minimal effort. I can get down with that. Bret has a board with photos of all the ladies, and asks the kids first what they think of Farrah. The mini pedicurist likes her, but most everyone else gives her a thumbs down. Mindy has pretty hair, but doesn't seem to be a crowd favorite, either. Beverly gets points for dispensing water balloons. Ashley gets a big cheer from everyone, while Jamie and Brittanya roundly booed. Taya and her rule-breaking ways also gets a big cheer, which means that Bret has to decide between her and Ashley. The ladies return and Bret announces that Taya and Ashley are the finalists. Taya thinks she has it in the bag by virtue of the fact that Ashley has a naked tattoo of herself on her arm. Yes, but the world can see your puss on the Internet for free. It's really a toss-up. In the end, Ashley wins! She's proud, and says that outside of being a party girl she's a good mom and a good person. Taya's pissed, but claims to be ready to shrug it off and enjoy the rest of the night.

The girls head back to the house, get fixed up and prepare for a night on the town. Any night on the town preparation involves shots, obviously. Beverly likes to drink her shot from a pint glass, and even Farrah marvels at the amount of booze she's about to consume. She interviews that Beverly is an alcoholic. Beverly gulps her vodka down without a chaser. When Ashley and Farrah are saying that you should go to rehab, you may want to at least watch a few episodes of Sober House and start to reevaluate.

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