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Beverly is next to be summoned to the weight room. Bret tells her that he's not particularly a fan of hers when she's wasted. She admits that she gets abrasive, and tells him that at home she doesn't drink this much. She apologizes for the way she acted, and then tells Bret that some of her anger issues may stem from the fact that he's making out with bitches she's not particularly fond of right in front of her, like, all the time. In particular, she tells Bret, she thinks that Ashley is trash. Beverly interviews that she thinks Ashley is a mean, vindictive, bad soul. But she's so amusing! And so good with kids! Bret tells Beverly not to get hammered tonight and sends her on her way. He interviews that Beverly is definitely here for him, but he's not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Eliminations! Taya is once again in her stripper formalwear. Bret gets right to business, and calls Ashley first. Taya's pissed, and Ashley knows it and loves it. Jamie is called next, followed by Mindy. Farrah interviews, "When Mindy gets the third pass I'm like, gosh, please don't even give it to her, she might gnaw it up like a beaver." Awesome. Bret next calls Beverly down, despite the fact that she has issues galore. This leaves Taya and Farrah. Farrah is quite awesomely dressed like a transgender porn version of a cavewoman. Taya is mortified to be in her company, and vice versa. Bret says that he and Farrah have had a great friendship and partied beyond belief. He thinks she's a modern day rock star. Meanwhile, Bret had a connection with Taya from the beginning, but has had his doubts about whether she's really looking for someone to love and not just promoting her own vulva. Bret calls Farrah to him and tells her that although her tour ends here, their friendship doesn't. Aw, french. Farrah interviews that she's never chased a man in her whole life, and that she honestly doesn't think that Bret can handle her. She says that he needs somebody lamer, and if he wants a motherly type to cut his corn off his cob, he can pick Taya. Oh Farrah, how I will miss you!

Next week: Ambre and Heather! And the exes! Nobody loves Beverly enough to show up, and Brittanya maybe knocks Heather out. I guess she got anger issues.

Potes thinks that Rock of Love without Farrah is like toast without the French. She can be reached at

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