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Bitter Suite

Previously: The ladies got some surprise visitors in the form of their ex-boyfriends/husbands and season one powerhouse Heather. They thought they should be most nervous about the exes. They were wrong. Heather got them all drunk and topless, and used her magical truth serum to get Daisy to confess that she still lives with her eyeliner-loving ex-boyfriend. Heather was disgusted by this news, but Bret, transfixed as always by Daisy's cleavage and duck lips, chose to believe Daisy's claim that it's all on the up and up. We also learned that Bret Michaels is a trade up for Daisy. Scary. Megan was axed, and the girls got the news that they're taking a trip to Vegas, and that Heather's coming along for the ride. Bret predicted that it would rock. This is a good time to note that Bret is not known for his psychic abilities.

We enter the house as the ladies are packing up. Bret tells us that he has feelings for each of the four ladies left in the house, and he's hoping that Heather will help him get to the bottom of it all. This will all happen, of course, in Vegas, where Bret and his bevy of beauties will find spiritual connections while partying their asses off. Given her complete asslessness, this might prove difficult for Jessica. A giant Hummer limo takes the girls and Bret to the airport, where they board a Lear jet. That is one corn-laden, hammer-toed carbon footprint they're making. Bret reminds us that his last trip to Vegas was a beautiful thing, replete with vomiting at the dinner table. Can the magic be recaptured? Jessica is, as usual, worried that Bret thinks she's too innocent and can't handle his middle-aged, bewigged rock n' roll lifestyle. She's ready to prove that she's just as skanky as the rest of his prospects. You go, girl!

Bret and the ladies head to the Hard Rock casino, one of Bret's favorite places to be an idiot and not remember any of it the next day. Daisy is excited about this foray into Sin City, and is ready to dance, party, be sexy, and get down and dirty with Bret. But is she ready to have four bitches get all up in her face? Only time will tell. Bret goes to his suite and the ladies head to theirs. Destiney tells us that it's difficult that one of her closest friends in the house, Daisy, is also her biggest competition. But she's there 100% for Bret, and if the friendships fall to the wayside, so be it. Heather asks who wants to join her for a cocktail, and promises everyone that they're in Vegas, and this will not be boring.

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