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Previously on Skanks on Wheels: Mindy and Jamie took slutty photos of themselves. Bret likey. Taya did suspiciously well in a challenge involving singing, and Mindy wondered if she was promoting more than Penthouse. Taya got all kinds of offended about this, and thus frenemies were born. Jamie's game strategy was to shake her butt, which is pretty astute. And Beverly, in love with the idea of being with a rock star and gauche enough to ask Bret to autograph something, was told her boots were made for walking home.

The final three wake up in Orlando, and Jamie interviews that things are getting serious. She's almost kinda sorta maybe getting ready to fall for Bret. To indicate this, she puts on her shiny copper mating headband. The girls head to the bus and find a Miami postcard. It says, "Mindy, Taya and Jamie. Hit the road once again for your final ride in the Pink Bus. Get ready for some Miami heat, where big decisions will have to be made. Love, Bret." Mindy is also ready to beef up the competition, because she can really see herself as Bret's girlfriend. Taya is ready to show her beef, but in a classy way.

The girls pull up to the Sagamore Hotel in Miami, and bid the Pink Bus adieu. Taya interviews that she didn't really like that bus anyway, because it never smelled right. Heh. As vile as she is, Taya comes out with a good one-liner every now and again. A Sagamore representative leads the girls up to the penthouse suite, which has its own pimped-out roof deck. It seems a hurricane is on its way, and if we're lucky we'll get to see Jamie's skinny meth body fly right off. Bret interviews that he hasn't seen his girls since Orlando and he's jonesing to see them. He's got a party planned and has left something hot and amazing for the three finalists in their room. Turns out they're mardi gras costumes of the excessively skimpy variety. Bret tells us that he loves carnivale, and so has left the girls carnivale outfits, which look very carnivale-ish. Okay, got it. Jamie and Taya love the cheesy, beady, gaudy costumes and think the whole thing is fun. And then there's Maudlin Mindy. She instantly starts complaining in that FREAKING VOICE of hers, and interviews that this doesn't look like anything she'd wear in a million years. Jamie wonders WTF her problem is, and Taya rolls her eyes to the camera man as Mindy prattles on miserably. She thinks that Mindy's attitude is stank, and not what Bret needs. Taya provides technical assistance and expertise for everyone as they put on their costumes, and Mindy takes the opportunity to bitchily interview that coincidentally they look like stripper outfits.

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