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The next morning, the girls head down to a breakfast establishment to meet Bret. And Bret is the cook! His chef coat has bandana sleeves! See, now that's kind of endearing too. Bret asks what's been going on, and adds that he hopes at least a few undressed catfights have occurred. Beverly confirms that they've been dressed. Taya pipes in and says nothing of note, and Mindy hates her more than ever. Bret takes Mindy to hang out for a bit of one-on-one time. Mindy says that she knows Bret probably wants to know more about her. Whatever gets you through the day, sweetheart. He asks her to talk to him, ostensibly about herself. Instead, Mindy decides this would be a good time to talk to him about Taya. Fail. In this situation, you just make out with the man. Bret is starting to wonder if Mindy is trying to date him or Taya. He watches too much porn. Meanwhile, Jamie is upset that Bret doesn't even want to talk to her. She decides to interrupt his tete-a-tete with Mindy wearing the ugliest shorts known to man. Mindy is not excited about being interrupted, but Jamie is pretty sly in coming in with the gift of sexy pictures. She's even had them framed! Bret approves of their productive use of spare time. Jamie thinks that he liked her sexy photo better, which should get her some points at elimination.

Meanwhile, how much of a hot tranny mess is Daisy in the ad for Daisy of Love? Good Lord.

Eliminations! Taya gets the first pass. Beverly wants to gag, then shoot herself in the head. Jamie is next to get a pass. Bret tells Mindy that at times he is concerned about her inability to separate the importance of the friendship with Taya and the importance of her relationship with him. Mindy interviews that she's no lesbo. Meanwhile, Bret is concerned that Beverly won't be able to separate being an uber-fan from having a relationship. Also, she looks like a linebacker. Someone please send this girl to Stacy and Clinton! She's not unattractive, but she just needs to figure out how to package herself. Bret calls Mindy to him, and asks if her heart and soul is in this. She tells him that it is, and thus gets a pass. Beverly is sadsy-sads. Bret tells her that she's beautiful as a person. But he wonders whether she sees him as Bret, her potential boyfriend, or Bret Michaels, the rock star. I see him as Bret Michaels, who often overdoes on the botox and sometimes tricks me into liking him. Beverly tells him that she understands. But she interviews that this sucks. She's been dreaming about being with him ever since the first concert she attended. But, she says, if it was supposed to be it would have worked whether she was an uber-fan or not. Bret tells us that in the beginning Beverly was his favorite rocker tomboy girl, but in the end she fell in love with the rock star, but never discovered the person who walked off the stage. He heads into his pimped-out bus to muse about roses and thorns and how his biggest problem with Beverly was that he totally didn't want to bone her.

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Rock of Love




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