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Pop Goes the Weasel

With that out of the way, it's time to get rid of one other girl. Bret calls Kelsey first, followed by Natasha, Farrah, Ashley, Taya, Brittanya, Maria, Mindy, and Marcia. This leaves Brittaney and Beverly. Bret tells Brittaney that she's a beautiful girl, and adds that he's not interested in looking at the past. He then tells Beverly to be who she is -- if she feels like partying at night, fine, but she also has kids and he understands where she's coming from. And it's Beverly who gets a pass. Beverly is happy, and says that she's willing to put up with all the bullshit from the other idiot girls because she wants to get to know Bret. Bret tells Brittaney that her tour ends here. She just stands there on the platform with psycho noises playing in the background as he and Big John leave. Hopefully a Brittaney Starr film festival can make Bret forget about all the crying and drama and sock thievery that the real Brittaney engaged in. Brittaney exit interviews that she can't wait to give the world the love that she has. Through porn. And socks.

Next week: Roadie challenge! Taya falls off the stage like she's Liza Minelli. And Ashley accuses Beverly of hitting on Bret's drummer!

Potes can never hate Bret entirely, because he's a Steelers fan. Wave your Terrible Towel at

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