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This leaves Jenny, Kelsey and Brittanya. He calls Kelsey to him first, saying that he doesn't want to send her home without getting to know her. He then calls Brittanya to him and asks her if she wants to be there. Brittanya pauses for a moment and then says, "Definitely." Bret gives her a pass and Brittanya is ready to put in all of her effort. Poor Jenny. Bret tells her that she's beautiful, and he doesn't want her to be there and take all the abuse that the girls are going to have to go through when really she needs to be home taking care of her soul. He interviews that he felt she'd be better protected at home with her family. That is actually pretty decent of him. Jenny cries in her exit interviews and says that Bret did what he felt in his heart was right. She's grateful for the experience, if quite sad to leave when other girls are getting to do exciting things such as getting deflowered.

Next week: the first Truck Stop Games! Ashley gets it on with Bret on the back of the bus and Kami tells everyone about it. And Big John is involved in some sort of exciting altercation with Farrah and Kelsey on the topic of excessive skankitude!

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