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First Annual Bret's Mudbowl

In any case, Bret, as we know, has certain mistrust issues. He doesn't want to judge anyone on what's been said to him, but he has an issue to address with Heather. He thinks that she does have his back, but there are "certain things" which make it difficult for him to accept everything she says completely into his soul. Certain things = Li'l Mr. Peter Van Winkle. But Bret goes with his gut and gives Erin the boot. Heather is relieved to get a pass, and agrees to continue to rock Bret's world. He interviews that if Heather is lying to him, he'll find out. Erin interviews that if Bret really wants a sixty-year-old stripper, she's over it, and she has plenty of men waiting for her back in Chicago. And Tiffany, too! Erin continues that she's sick of all the bullshit and then seals the deal with, "And really, I have had bigger and better stars than Bret Michaels." And to think anyone would break off an engagement to such a prize! Sayonara, Circus Tits!

Next week: Bret's birthday! This means EVERYONE is on the pole. And sadly, Bret's boner comment countdown is pretty paltry this week. I don't know if this even counts, but I'm desperate. Let's hope he gets a little of the lechery back in future episodes.

Bret's boner comment countdown, such as it is.

12. "Heather hits like a bull. I mean, knock down and dirty tackle football. It's quite a turn-on."

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