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Bret starts calling the women who get to stay. Inna Tuna is first, followed by Peyton, Ambre, Destiney, Megan, Daisy, Roxy, Jessica, and Kristy Joe. Three passes left! Bret chooses Catherine, because she is a mystery. A mystery of the time-space continuum. Then there's Aubrey. Angelique is wondering why the hell she doesn't have a pass yet. Me too! They can't take her delightful freakishness away from us now. And they don't! Angelique gets to stay and rock Bret's world. The other girls are all appalled. Bret, too, is appalled when Angelique slips him the tongue. He says it's like a serpent, and made its way all the way down his throat, into his belly, and tasted last night's supper. Seriously, it's like a colon cleanse. Angelique really is like a porn movie come to life. It might be kind of hot when you're not really looking all that close and can just hear the slurping or whatnot, but if it actually materialized in front of you, you'd just want to take a bath in Clorox and vow celibacy.

Bret calls the rejected girls down. He calls Niki "Carrie," which is bewildering. She cries. Korie is next. I don't think he remembers her name at all, since he just kind of points and calls her "you." He did the same thing to Rikki Rocket for years, so she shouldn't be too offended.

Next week: Roller derby! The dicksucker whorebag known as Lacey Conner! And it's everyone versus Kristy Joe.

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