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Pretty Pretenders and Negligent Vendors

Riki notes that Mindy worked hard to put seeds of doubt in Bret's mind. He asks her if she still mistrusts Taya's motives. Mindy says that she didn't work hard to plant anything, she just answered questions honestly when they were asked of her. However, she never saw in Taya's eyes the same things she was feeling about Bret. Mindy repeats that she was smitten and crazy and in love, and she didn't see that in Taya's eyes. Taya sits there with dead eyes, or maybe it's the shadow of those hideous fake eyelashes. Riki asks what it feels like for Taya to hear Mindy question her motives. Taya says that she was a good friend to Mindy and there for her on the show. They talked and had private discussions, and Mindy took that stuff and used it against Taya. Taya says Mindy saw that she was invested in Bret, and adds that she doesn't have to defend herself to Mindy or anybody. She was good to Mindy, and didn't stab her in the back, and never said a nasty word about her and never would. Mindy shoots daggers with her eyes. Bret notes that what mattered to him was how people treated other people, and Taya treated the others great. He adds that he, Mindy and Taya all became emotionally attached to the point where it was painful. That's when things started sucking. Bret tells us that a lot of shows out there are straight bullshit, but this one is real and very emotional. Intriguing, eh? In the end, he says, Mindy didn't express how she felt about Bret but Taya did, and that swayed his decision.

There's one more issue to address: the ring. Bret says that the ring, for him, was showing that he was sincere about what he was doing. Riki asks Taya what was going through her mind, and she notes that the ring raised the stakes. Riki then asks what Taya would have done if Bret had popped the question that night. She says she totally would have married him right there on the beach. Now, however, she's not so sure. Time has passed, she's been dealing with all sorts of feelings all by herself, and she has had no one to turn to or help her sort out what's been going on. Is this all to point out that Taya has no friends? Because I believe it. Taya says that everyone else got to leave the show with closure. Even Mindy. Mindy yells back, "What closure did I have, Taya?" Bret looks at Taya and actually seems a little embarrassed. He just wants to go, have a six-pack of IC Light and watch some porn and/or football right now. Anyway, Mindy does not have closure and, in case you weren't listening the first 600 times she said it, she's in love with Bret. In any case, Bret doesn't want to get married to Taya either, so it's all good. He says they have to date, and see if their connection is still there when they're away from all this madness. Riki thanks Bret and the girls and Big John, and, with one final shot to a mentally cracking Mindy, we're out. And now we have only the freakshow of Daisy of Love to look forward to. It's a recession of guilty pleasures, for sure.

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