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Bret returns, all choked up, and says that's the toughest thing he's done in a long time. Heather is impressed by his emotion during the situation, and says that he has a heart of gold. Though I am loath to admit it, he actually seems kind of all right. I mean, he's better than Flav and at least half of the Bachelors. To stay, Bret calls Mia, Jes, Erin, Brandi M., and Magdalena. Victory for the good girls! Lacey, Heather, and Brandi C. are getting a little nervous. Bret calls Sam next, and she too agrees to stay in the house and rock his world. With three bimbos left, Bret has two passes. Heather can't believe that after they've partied their asses off with Bret, the three of them are at the end. Bret calls Lacey up first, and when he asks if she'll stay and rock his world, she answers, "You got it, babe." She's such a loser. With Heather and Brandi C. left, Bret says that he needs to move past the partying and having fun and make a connection. Heather -- in a dress that I can't even explain -- gets the final pass. Bret's rose and his thorn with Brandi C. are as such. Rose: free spirit. Thorn: Brandi C. might be only a sexual relationship, and Bret wants more. He tells her that he comes with a lot of baggage for such a free spirit, and that he'll miss her. Outside, she bawls and says that she's really shocked. It's obvious how much she likes him, and she can't believe he's letting her go over Erin, Mia, and Jes. Back inside, everyone toasts with water, to give Bret's liver a break. Lacey interviews that, now that Brandi C.'s gone, she and Heather are going to stop partying so much and focus on picking the other girls off. They couldn't do this with Brandi C. around, because she could only focus on picking her nose.

Next time: Bret's mud bowl! And a resurgence of the boner comments, hopefully. I can't believe there were none this week!

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