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Cheeseburger in Paradise

The next morning Taya complains that she pulled her groin muscles and her ass has a huge bruise. I'd think that she'd be used to this by now, yes? Beverly, who finally gets a nipple blur of her own, isn't feeling so hot after all the drinks of the previous night. Natasha tells her that she was making out with some dude, and Beverly is surprised to hear it and says she wasn't. Ashley, who is quite a sight to see first thing in the morning before she's spackled on her makeup, is positive that she saw Beverly and the drummer kissing, and then threw a chip at them. Beverly is pissed off, and wants to talk to Bret to clear up the situation. That should go well.

Big John enters with Bret Mail. Marcia reads it, in a completely unintelligible fashion. It's possible that this is because English is her second language, but it's also possible that, at 8 a.m., she's already drunk. In any case, she, Ashley, Beverly, Brittanya and Natasha head out for their date with Bret. They go to Rock Bottom, where they sample some of Bret's brew. Bret likes the combination of smoking hot ladies and ice cold beer. Meanwhile, back at home, Farrah points out to Mindy that she was visibly not having any fun at Bret's concert. Mindy explains that she was upset, but Farrah and Taya tell her that if Bret saw her from the stage she's screwed. Farrah says that even if she were upset because she hadn't had time with Bret, she'd still act like she was having fun. Mindy says she's not good at acting, and Taya replies, "You do what you've gotta do, I guess." And, bingo. Pin your tail back on, Eeyore!

Back at Rock Bottom, the date crew sits down to lunch. Beverly is trying to figure out when the best time would be to bring up the whole drummer kiss fiasco. But first Ashley quite deviously tells Bret how nice her BFF Marcia was to give his front-row fans her Bret-gifted bracelet. Marcia explains that they were super fans, and deserved it more than she did. Bret says that he's bummed because he wanted her to have it as a gift from him, but in another sense it's really cool that she did that because it shows that she has a good heart. That last part is all lip service, though, and he interviews that this definitely sends him a signal. A bad signal.

And then Bret asks what was going on last night with "activity" in the aftershow, particularly the bit where somebody was trying to make out with the drummer. Beverly quite awkwardly says, "Okay. If that hap...I honestly..." and Bret just replies, "Nice." She doesn't think that she kissed him, she says, and Ashley jumps in with a curt, "I saw you." Beverly isn't saying that Ashley is lying, but she is saying that she doesn't remember it. However, if it happened, she admits, it wasn't cool. This is an awesome line of defense, isn't it? Bret tells Beverly that if she invited him to her show, no matter how drunk he got he wouldn't make out with her friends. Her sisters and cousins and Grandma Ethel, yes. But friends are off limits.

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