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Back at the date, Bret talks about worrying that Daisy is always hiding stuff. Stephanie says that Bret is seeing the whole Charles situation as a guy, but for women it's different. OK, that is lies. But Daisy insists that the emotion for Charles just isn't there anymore, and Stephanie backs her up. She respects that Bret is trying to protect his heart, and notes that that means there's some real feelings there. Bret thinks that Stephanie has truthful eyes, so is starting to buy the story. However, he tells us that he's still not sure if he can handle the fact that Daisy hasn't been upfront and honest with him.

The next morning, Big John delivers Bret Mail. "Good morning fantastic families! / You've traveled far to help me learn / What's deep inside and where to turn / Our time is short so let's make it last / Two more dates are coming fast. / Ambre, Destiney and special guests / Get ready for fun and my final tests / From 20 to 3, the time draws near / For one more girl to disappear. / Love, Bret." It's good to see that Nipsy Russell is still working, isn't it?

While the girls get ready, Stephanie and Tommy talk. Tommy says he's surprised that Destiney is doing this, but then adds that family changes you. When he and his wife had Destiney, he sold his Harley. Stephanie, who will oddly enough be played by Meryl Streep in the Lifetime movie, says that Tommy must have been very much in love with his baby. Tommy says, "Oh yeah." I love this guy. And then excitement! Bret comes riding down the hallway on his motorcycle. Today, he tells Destiney and her family, they're going to be riding. There's nothing better for the soul, he says. Tommy is so excited, and in this moment I actually kind of love Bret too. When he learned that Tommy was dying of liver cancer, he says, he wanted to make their day really special. I think that Bret is secretly a good guy when he isn't being hypnotized by the fake boobs of some VD-ridden skank. Tommy loves the bike that Bret has arranged for him, and Destiney is happy that he's enjoying himself.

They pull up at a tattoo parlor. Oh, Lord. Turns out Heather Junior has been talking about getting a tattoo the whole time she's been in the house, and Bret is about to make that dream a reality. He introduces her to tattoo master Duke. Destiney tells Duke that she wants to commemorate her experience on the show by getting the Rock of Love logo -- the heart with the two swords -- in the Heather spot, e.g. the back of her neck. Duke sketches up the logo including the words "Rock of Love." Destiney wonders if maybe just the heart and the swords without the name of the show might not be better. And this was really the first moment when I said to myself, "Maybe Destiney's not as big of a dumb-ass as I thought." However, Bret is perturbed. He points out that, as crazy as it was, Season One's Heather got his name tattooed on her neck, which showed true commitment. Yes, and then you dumped her on her ass and she was left with the ink-stained legacy of being humiliated on national TV. Bravo, Destiney! Without the words, it's actually a decently cool tattoo. Destiney talks about how the experience of being in the house has changed her, and that includes getting to know Bret. Plus, free tattoo!

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