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It's then time for Bret's date with Ambre and her dad, Randall. Square dancing at the VFW for everyone! Actually, they go to eat sushi, because Bret wants to freak Randall out. Bret gives Randall a tutorial in chopstick use and sushi consumption. Randall is a pretty good sport about the whole thing. But then! It's time to get down to business. Bret says that Ambre has been brutally honest with him the whole time she's been there, but for the little issue of her telling him she's 31. Ambre interviews: "Oh my God! I can't believe I lied to Bret!" Bret says that they were talking about age, and he said openly to everyone that he's 44 years old. Except in the season two premiere voice over, when he told an entire nation that he was 40. But I digress. He's a paragon of honesty. Ambre is terrified to think that she has lost Bret's trust. Bret tells her that he doesn't necessarily think that she has a whole book of lies she's been reading dialogue from, but he wants to find the one girl who is totally honest with him in this house of lies and deceit and deception and whorebaggery.

Ambre interviews that apparently she told Bret that she's an age other than 37. But in her mind, she never lied to him about it. Sometimes these bitches just wear me out. Randall interjects and says that Ambre told him to be evasive about her age if any of the other girls asked about it, but to tell Bret the truth. Ambre tells Bret that she has a career where she has to appear younger than she actually is. This is why she gave falsified information about her age to the other girls. But when it comes to Bret, Ambre says that she has nothing to hide. She apologizes if she told Bret anything other than the truth. Ambre must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I mean, stupider than she must feel for trying to win the love of Bret Michaels, even. Ambre then starts getting emotional, and says that she's there to find love. And...pause...she's found it. She's fallen in love with Bret. Bret is all, "Uh-huh. Right. Is there any more ahi?" He's got a lot of thinking to do before elimination tonight. With tears glistening in her eyes, Ambre interviews that she can't believe something so stupid might get in the way of her and Bret being together. Let's not drag Daisy into this, okay? Bret is glad that Ambre came clean with him about her real age, but he's bummed that she's been lying up until this point.

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