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Season 1 Reunion

Riki asks if Bret is surprised by this. He says that part of him is and part of him isn't -- he knew that Heather really loved him, whereas Jes had her infamous guard up. Coming out of a long relationship, Bret admits that there was part of him that might not have been ready to fall in love. Jes thinks he was scared to be with Heather, because with her it was the real thing. Bret agrees, and also says that in some sick way, this is turning him on. Jes and Heather hug, and Jes says to Heather that she doesn't care what America thinks of her -- it's the truth. Bret makes some douchey comment about the two of them making out. Well, it's good to see he isn't taking it too hard.

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Rock of Love




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