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Back at the house, the supersluts tell Brandi that they can't shake their bad first impression of her. Amy wants Brandi to make a case for why she should stay. Brandi says that her heart is involved 100%, while Lacey's isn't. Lacey says that she has a tough exterior, but adds that she really cares about Bret. Nice work, Lamey. Meanwhile, Jes talks to Sam, and tells her that none of the supersluts had anything bad to say about her. She thinks that if Sam's heart is in it, she should stay. Sam is afraid of getting hurt. Jes says that she is, too, and asks Sam to reconsider walking out. Sam decides to face her fear and take it like a champ if she gets rejected. She's staying. Hasn't this happened at least three times already? I like Sam and all but, like, dude. You're on Rock Of Love With Bret Michaels. Take it down to level three. The fact that objective outsiders also hate Lacey is a boon to both Jes and Sam. And, really, to humanity.

Speaking of Lacey, she's telling the supersluts that she has a lot of depth, and that they'd see her warmth and compassion if they hung out with her for a few days. Allison quite correctly notes that the other girls have been living with her for a while, and they still hate her stank ass. Amy asks Lacey to tell her something heartfelt. Lacey struggles to squeeze out a tear, and says that this whole situation has been taxing, because it's hard to keep a wall up all the time. But, because of some mystery experiences in her life, that's her survival mechanism. She wouldn't have gotten through the pain of hair that comes from the PAAS color palette without that tool. Jes does a pretty crackerjack impression of Lacey trying to squeeze out tears for the supersluts. She, at the very least, is not buying it. The supersluts go to Bret's bedroom to wait for him, and Brandi wonders if she's going to lose out because she didn't get all weepy.

Bret and Heather return from their date. Bret says that looking at his name tattooed on Heather's neck made him feel close and romantic. He doesn't want to lose this special lady. One can only hope that Heather is a fan of bratwurst and that an "e" is easily changed to an "a." Heather returns home to find the other girls in a very somber mood. Still, she wants to show off her tattoo. The other girls can't believe it. Let's let Jes sum up, shall we? "What kind of a dumb bitch gets a guy's name tattooed in her neck, for her first tattoo, and she's not even technically dating him? This bitch has lost her fucking mind." Maybe she should write the recaps.

Bret talks to his superfans, and tells them that, for him, it's Brandi and Sam who are on the fence. He hasn't put his finger on Brandi yet -- I mean, metaphorically -- and Sam is, of course, super-sensitive. The supersluts like her a lot, though, and tell Bret that their bottom two are Brandi and Lacey. They think Lacey is the one who should go. Bret really isn't surprised, given how everyone on earth and at least two distant planets hates Lacey. Bret is going to take what they said under advisement, but also has to consider his own feelings. Oh, great.

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