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Oh, and then it's time to dredge up the controversy we almost forgot about. Heather goes around and starts talking about how Erin has a boyfriend at home. Could she not consult, like, one source who talked to Erin directly about this? It's this kind of shenanigan that got us into the Iraq war. "Erin's hiding a weapon of mass destruction in her clown boob! Invade!" With impending elimination, the A Team decides that Bret needs to know Erin's engaged. The fact that she actually isn't engaged is of no consequence.

Bret and his three dates return home, and he tells us that he needs to take a last shot at getting to know some of the women whom he hasn't yet connected with. He says a few girls about how cool Don Was is, and Tamara blankly blinks. Bret interviews, "Here's the thing with Tamara. No connection and dumb as a box of rocks. Listen, the bottom line is, she's fucking hot. I'm figuring maybe after a little miscommunication, our bodies can just do the talking." It's nice to see a man with such high standards. Tiffany is nervous about being eliminated, so she cracks open a bottle of wine. Meanwhile, the A Team shares with Lacey the fact that Erin has a boyfriend. Lacey says that Erin is not there for Bret, and definitely needs to go home. But Erin doesn't...oh, never mind.

Heather, taking the horn by the balls, sits Bret down outside and tells him that Erin is supposed to get married in May. Bret is blindsided, and pissed. And with eliminations coming up, he says, he has to start weeding out the ones who aren't there for him. Heather is glad she and Bret got to spend some time together. She kisses him and leaves, and Bret totally stares at her ass as she walks away. He then asks Big John to grab Erin for him. Bret tells her that two girls told him that she has a really serious relationship and/or is married. He asks if this is true, and Erin replies, "Oh hell no." She clarifies to us that she has an ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé and that's it, and says that someone is trying to get her kicked off because she's a threat. Actually, I think they're trying to get her off because they hate her, but no matter. Bret then asks John to grab Heather. The three sit on the bench together. Awkward! Heather admits that she did tell Bret that Erin was going to get married in May. Erin says that they broke up, and Heather is all, "I just had his best interests at heart." Erin's not buying it. And seriously, this is when Heather maybe needs to apologize for being an ill-informed nebby stank tattletale. The drama is driving Bret crazy, and he knows he has a decision to make because someone is going home tonight.

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