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Talk Dirty To Me

The kept women toast. Erin says that if the catty bitches want to get rid of her, she's going to give them a dose of their own medicine. I'll bet it's illegal to carry around that medicine without a prescription. Or it's the kind of Sudafed you have to get behind the counter. In either case, I can't wait.

Next...motocross! And Rodeo has to manhandle her a bitch. But first it's...

Bret's boner comment countdown!

6. [On telling Erin she gives good phone sex] "That English thing? I'm like, ba-bing!"
7. [On telling Rodeo she gives good phone sex] "That bad boy went up and stayed up! It never came back down!"
8. [On Brandi C. crying because Erin made fun of her meth-scratched face] "When she spoke in that little titmouse voice, it just turned me on beyond any belief."

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