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The Casting Special

Random Girl 4: For my sixteenth birthday, my dad got me my first rifle. We go hog hunting in the middle of the night, because that's what we do. I mean, you go early morning hours, or way way way late at night. And you have your rifle and you drive around and just wait for the hogs to come out, and just kind of get fucked up and shoot stuff. That's what you do in the country.

Random Girl 5: Fat guys usually love me [laughs]. I will not dance for a guy that I am attracted to just for the simple fact that I'm afraid, I don't know, I might molest him in the back or something.

Random Girl 6: For Halloween, I was Wonder Woman. I have a great Wonder Woman twirl. [Twirls.] I have natural boobs, but I'd love some fake ones. I have to wear a pushup bra to get them where I want them, and I'd like just not to wear a bra at all. I'd be much happier if I didn't have to worry about that.

Casting Guy: This is the guy, who's going to be the person [holds up photo].
One of the T girls, the really dumb one: Who is that?
Casting Lady: Bret Michaels.
Dumb T: Oh, he was the one that I put down that I hoped was...Oh my God!
Casting Guy: He was number one on your list.
Dumb T: He is? Oh yeah, no, I know. Ha ha.

Casting Guy: Since you signed the confidentiality agreement we can tell you -- it's Bret Michaels from Poison.
Random Girl 7: Oh it is? Oh, good. Is he old, though?

Casting Guy: So how did you get the bruise on your behind?
Random Girl 8: Well...sometimes when you yell, "Spank me," they spank a little too hard.

Erin: I've had 'em done twice. [And if you don't immediately know what she's talking about, you've never seen Erin.] Once when I was nineteen, and then I just recently got them redone. Actually, this is funny -- August 28, that was our anniversary date. I wouldn't even take off my shirt during any kind of, um, during sex, during anything for the first month.

Casting Guy:When's the last time you flashed your boobs?
Random Girl 10: I flashed them last week for a fire truck going by.

Terrifying Random Girl 11: I had a midget fetish and I wanted to...fuck a midget. So I came back from Hawaii, and I set out on a quest to find some midget love. I was never, like, into the weird things that I've been asked to do.
Her Kid [offscreen]:Mommy...I just wanna go home.
Terrifying Random Girl 12: I know you don't feel good, honey, we've gotta do this. We have to work. You need to stop.

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Rock of Love




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