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Cut to Bret, who tells us that he had a lot on his mind with regard to the crazies in the house and so did what any normal man would do -- ran far and fast. In a fast car, by the looks of it! Bret says his hair follicles are too old for working. I say his hair follicles are too young to look-a like this.

Bret Mail! "Good morning my sexy six / I want a woman who gets my soul / And loves a life of rock n' roll / Today I will test your creative side / Use my lyrics as your guide / Love, Bret." Kristy Joe tells us that she realized she needed to talk to Bret and tell him she's not going to back to her ex. However, she can't find him. Don't worry, Kristy Joe. He ain't got no plans, he ain't going nowhere. He'll be back. Ambre sees an emotional Kristy Joe and tells her to pull it together. Ambre interviews that she's sick of Kristy Joe's crazy fluctuating emotions. Kristy Joe confides to Ambre that she had a conversation with her soon-to-be ex-husband and told him there's no hope for their relationship. Ambre is pretty surprised 1) that Kristy Joe did this over the phone; 2) that she hadn't done it already, like, before coming on the show. I know! Jerk. Ambre is at a loss, and wonders what the fuck is going on. She wants Bret to see the true Kristy Joe that she sees, and she says to Kristy Joe's face that it's no wonder that Bret doesn't trust her. Indeed, the evidence tells us that Kristy Joe is not a trusty ho.

Big John gathers the ladies together, and Bret tells them that today they're going to do something insanely awesome: make two music videos for two of his songs. One song is called "Go That Far," and the other is a "beautiful ballad" called "Fallen." Anything that these skanks come up with has to be better than that video where he's standing in the middle of a road wearing a wig, right? Bret introduces them to music video director Dean Karr, who will help them. There will be two teams. One girl on each team will be the creative director. The creative director for the winning team will get a solo date with Bret, while the other two participants will get a group date. They get three hours to shoot and edit the video. Team A is Jessica, Destiney, and Daisy. Jessica interviews that she's thankful she doesn't have to work with "that crabby ho, Kristy Joe." Destiney will be the creative director for this team, which will shoot the video for "Go That Far." This of course leaves Ambre, Megan and Kristy Joe as Team B, making a video for "Fallen." Ambre begs to be the creative director, and the others allow it.

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