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Kristy Joe interviews that she came there to find love, and she did, but it was just the wrong time. Bret walks her out, and interviews that he believes in his heart that Kristy Joe really had feelings for him and that they might find each other again somewhere in the future. But for now, it's the wrong place at the wrong time. Kristy Joe weeps that this was one of the hardest decisions she had to make, but says that when you care about someone, sometimes you also know that you have to walk away. It scares her to know that he could have been the right person to her and she's leaving. Everyone else, though, is doing a total dance of joy on the inside.

Megan, of course, is still in limbo. Bret apologizes to all of the women for taking up their time, and tells Megan that he'd love if she'd stay by default. Flattering! He then has to walk out because he's emotionally destroyed. He really had feelings for Kristy Joe, and it killed him when she wanted to leave. Megan says that, even though Bret basically treated her like dookie, she's just going to move on and focus on her non-existent relationship with him. That ought to work out well.

Next week: the girls get a surprise visit from their exes. And finally...THE RETURN OF HEATHER!

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Rock of Love




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