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Back from break, Lukas takes the stage in his black suit with knee-length jacket and big silver rosary to sing "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Seen it. Not much new to say this time around. Even the light columns stay dark. Sounds good, though. Again.

And then it's Dilana's turn. She sings "Zombie" by the Cranberries in her gunmetal-gray prom dress. She seems to be drawing more energy from the occasion that she performed with last time she did this song. There's also a lot more ululating this time around. I'm trying not to seem like I'm coasting to the end here, but we're not hearing any new songs so clearly I'm not the only one.

Then Toby gets to give his second performance of the night. He clears his throat with a couple of loud "OHHHH"s, and then the House Band rips into "Somebody Told Me." This makes Toby the only member of the final three who reprises a song that won him an encore, for what it's worth. Which isn't much. This isn't really as good as either of those performances. He's just as energetic, but kind of flat on the high notes. Ah, well. He got to stay in the competition almost twenty minutes longer than Magni did.

The three of them head out to the end of the runway, as Jason alone among the judges gives Toby a standing ovation. Brooke calls for some love for the final three, and for the House Band as well. "You guys rocked it all summer long," Brooke tells them. Which, yes, they did. I just now realized this is the last time we're going to hear the House Band this season, and I'm kind of sad. Brooke says that we're going to hear from "Tommy, Jason and Gilby" after the break. And we go to commercial as SuperNaughtyLittlePlagiarists pretends to confer.

I can't decide who in this Panasonic commercial I'd less like to be: the guy so hypnotized by the screen that his house falls apart around him, or Christian Slater after being reduced to commercial voice-over work.

When we come back, the judges' attention is focused on something on the coffee table in front of them. Might that be the injunction? Brooke remarks that Tommy's drum set is on the stage, which she interprets as an exciting sign. She asks Jason what's up, and he's so reluctant to speak that for one thrilling moment, I wonder if he's actually going to announce a name change for the band. But no, he simply yammers about it being a "heavy day" mixed with "positive vibes," and says that all of the top three are heroes in their respective countries. Jason addresses "Tob," saying he's got unquestionable vocal ability, and has the voice most able to cut through the loud guitars. Each performance has been a little better. And, best of all? "You're going to be the next one to go home from this competition."

Whoa, that took a turn, didn't it? Lukas's eyebrows leap up from behind his white-framed sunglasses in shock, and Dilana mouths, "Oh, my God." "We love you," Jason assures Toby, over the crowd getting quite loudly pissed off. And it's not like he can say, "But you're just too fratty for us." Wait, actually he could say that. I don't know why anyone would have a problem with that. Toby gently shushes the booing crowd, and after they quiet down, Dave says that he's enjoyed watching Toby grow and wishes him the best, pointing out that he's already got a hit. He lets Toby give his goodbye speech.

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