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Rocking A Hard Place

Toby thanks the guys for the "best time ever," and says that he's proud to have come in third to Lukas and Dilana. He tells them they made a safe choice (ooh, Gilby won't like that), saying that "It took me a while to get great, but these guys always have been." He says that whoever wins, "Look out, everyone. It's gonna be awesome." Again, Toby says that he's learned a lot from the guys, and then he is out of there. Evs.

"So it's down to the 'edgy' ones," Dave says. Brooke's standing next to the final two as Dave tries to pad the show and ramp up the suspense. "It kind of looks like you're about to perform a Goth wedding," Dave cracks. Thanks for holding back the funniest line of the season until now, dude. Dilana and Lukas crack up. Brooke says. "Last night, both of you had the highest number of votes." Whatever that means. So is it time for the final decision? At the forty-one minute mark? Not hardly. Gilby asks for a few more minutes, which means one more commercial break. Dave groans like he cares, but it's out of his hands; we're going to see some more ads anyway. Which is good, because I've been wondering what kind of cell phone I should buy.

Dilana and Lukas are still standing next to Brooke at the end of the runway when we come back, and she asks Tommy to end the suspense. He tells Lukas, "Your look, your energy, your vocals, the way you move...everything has been really, really amazing for us." He turns his attention to Dilana, and has to wait through a loud cheer before continuing, "You are enchanting. Your voice is unbelievable...who doesn't love you? Who doesn't love both of you guys?" The crowd starts screaming again, and Tommy acts like they have a part in the decision at this point. He says that they have to listen to their fans, and that the winner had the highest number of votes last night. And when it looks like he's going to abdicate all responsibility for the decision, he says, "So obviously, we agree with our public.




"You're our boy. Welcome."

The crowd goes apeshit, many of them happily. Lukas and Dilana hug for a long time, and she says something to him that the microphone in her hand doesn't quite pick up from over his shoulder. SuperNowCanWeGoHome all stand and shake hands with one another, as if they've accomplished something. My reaction? I’m surprised, and yet not surprised. I thought the band had perfectly plausible reasons not to choose either of them. And besides, I can't help thinking this is more Ruben/Clay than Kelly/Justin.

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