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Rocking A Hard Place

But we're still not done. Brooke leaves the stage to SuperNobody for one more song. Lukas says he wants to bring his boy out, and of course it's fucking Magni. Dude, he's a nice guy, but come on. We've said goodbye. We need to heal. Iceland needs its king. Nonetheless, Magni's there to play rhythm guitar on the song he sang last week, "It's All Love." Which Lukas doesn't sing as well as Magni does, but again, what are you gonna do? Sue them?

Speaking of which, we get a few last looks at the Rock Star: Supernova logo, URL, and credits (stuff they didn't have time to change, in other words) while Brooke VOs one last plug for "the band" on tour. Hee, hee, hee.

And that's it. Time to unplug and load out. Big thanks to Wing Chun for the gig, Mr. Kwan for keeping me in tune, y'all for coming to the shows, and my lovely wife Trash for being the best groupie ever. And of course, not-so-famous original Supernova, for making the finale interesting. See you in the Runaway recaps.

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