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Rocking A Hard Place

In the Nut Gallery, Magni waves Toby's Australian flag, which apparently is some kind of signal for Toby to invite him up to play guitar on "Throwing It Away." Toby does the song without ever leaving the stage once, if you can believe it. It sounds much the same as last week, even with Magni on third guitar. During Rafael's guitar solo, Toby goes around behind Magni and writes "EVS" on the back of the Iceman's skull. Magni's a good enough sport that he stands still for it. Or he's had enough experience with people writing on his head that he'd rather let Toby finish than wind up a human billboard for "E~~~" all night. Magni unstraps his guitar during the last verse. He makes like he's going to smash it, but instead he crouches down in front of Toby, holding the guitar by its bottom edge in position for Toby to play. So you know that an Icelandic hand is quite close to a set of Aussie goolies right now. Magni takes the guitar back upstage, and Toby leaps and hollers through the end of the song.

Dave tells Toby that "Karma Police" is his favorite Radiohead song, and that Toby did a great job on both that and his original. "At this point," Dave says, "I just feel like I'm kicking back and watching a great rock show. Not a whole lot I can say." That never seems to stop him, though, does it? Tommy just tells Toby, "Nice job." Gilby thinks Toby got a little lost on the Radiohead song early on (although sounded fine to me), and over the disapproval of the audience, he says that Toby pulled it out and does great in a higher range. And in other recently-breaking news, Matt went home. Jason touchy-feelys about Toby's energy, so you know he dug it, too. Brooke give the voting spiel for Toby, and promises a little Lukas for us when we come back. As if there's any other size.

Hey, is that Paula Abdul in the audience? I'm pretty sure it is. Nobody let her near a microphone, okay? From the couch next to Tommy, Brooke welcomes us back and asks Jason how the tour's going. He says that they've already sold out a few dates and even added a show in Albany. Sounds like Albany's ready to rock, as long as they're not too picky. Back to the competition. Brooke introduces Lukas, who's singing "Fix You" by Coldplay.

Lukas starts it out like a hymn, going quite high on the opening verse and thus demonstrating a considerable level of security considering the glittery eyeliner he's sporting tonight. Then he cinches up his throat and does his Lukas thing through the middle. When it gets quiet again at the end, Dave holds up his cell phone, which doesn't really have the same effect considering there are more lights on him than I have on me all day. All the "Rossi Posse" and "Rossi Possi" signs in the audience waggle happily at the end as Paula Abdul does a big overhead seal-clap. Her manicures must cost more than my house payment.

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