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Magni introduces his original song by pretending to forget the title, but then "remembers" that it's "When The Time Comes." "It's the last song of the evening, so go nuts," he advises the audience. The House Band heads into it, and Magni sings this one without the guitar. It's much like last week, except there's a lot more low roaring in the second verse and more screaming at the end. And a lot of grabbing the front of his own t-shirt, for some reason. But unlike Ryan, he can get away with it. I'm also glad to report that Toby didn't use a Sharpie on his head, because there's no sign of "EVS" left back there. I think Magni's scalp is the source of his power. flying glass, marker-wielding Aussies -- he shakes it all off.

Dave points out to Magni that one of the young women in the audience is "literally fanning herself." Magni modestly says that it's warm in there, but Dave says, "It ain't that, bro." Shot of the poor woman in question, whose cheeks are now burning for an entirely different reason. Dave says that the Deep Purple song was really exciting (too short, I thought, in case I haven't made that clear), and now it's a question of how the cards fall. He tells the Supernovices that they're "all awesome." Tommy's not so kind; he tells Magni that although he remembered everyone else's original tracks, he doesn't remember Magni's at all. Boos from the audience, none of whom can remember a single Supernova song. Jason says that he enjoyed the original, even if it's not as memorable as the others, but it's cool that Magni gets to play his song for the world. Yes, Jason, we get it, you're doing them all a favor. Magni points out that he loves his song, and not everyone is necessarily supposed to. Jason agrees that the most important thing is to enjoy your own music. "That's the only way you can bring it with confidence," he says. As for Gilby, he's brief: "Great job. You sang great, you performed well." Brooke gives Magni's voting number and opens the voting. Last chance!

From a taping that occurred two days in the past, Brooke claims that "Already the numbers are crazy." We get to see the early returns: Dilana's making quite a comeback, in first place ahead of Toby, Lukas, and Magni, in that order. She says Canada, Australia, Iceland, the U.S., and the rest of the world are voting right now. Brooke also calls for some love for the House Band. I think I'll miss them most of all.

Oh, and then during the closing credits, the Supernovices get to tour the Supernova tour bus. Which is going to have to be repainted, but more on that in the recap of Wednesday's show.

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