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Rocking A Hard Place

After Magni's done, Toby and Lukas are still standing, and it's the former who's called over to give a bottom-two performance. Toby heads over in this complicated, high-collared black shirt that makes him look like some kind of spaghetti Western/James Bond villain, and says he's going to do some Billy Idol. More specific, please? Oh, apparently the House Band knows, because they launch right into "White Wedding." Which is still too low for Toby, and I can't imagine that stiff collar helps him any. The light columns go crazy. And believe it or not, Toby actually confines himself to the stage. I was thinking that if Dilana really wanted to sabotage him this week, she should have them set up a jungle gym onstage and leash Toby to it. That wouldn't have made much difference this week. Oh, except then he jumps off the end of the runway on the last "Start agaaaain." It's like the stage is too hot for him to stay on it very long or something. After he's done, Brooke claims that "Tommy, Jason, and Gilby" are "deciding" who's going home next. As if the order hasn't been determined since the elimination of Zayra.

When we come back from commercial, Toby and Magni stand at the end of the runway awaiting Magni's ouster. Gilby says that this was a hard one. "You guys have contributed so much to this show," he says, and turns his attention to Magni. He calls it a "great ride," but says that they've always questioned whether Magni can "front the band," as opposed to being "part of the band." Which, I don't seem to recall that being mentioned before, but whatever. Apparently they've decided they have to say something, and Magni's the next to go. The audience gives him a sympathetic "aww," then a sincere round of applause as Magni hugs Toby. Dave calls Magni the "most consistent singer," saying there have never been any complaints about his vocal ability. He says Magni will do great and wishes him luck before turning the floor over to the Iceman. Magni claims to "have no idea what to say," but he quickly starts thanking people: his voters, "all you guys" (meaning the audience), his family (pointing to a particularly thick cluster of Icelandic flags in the back), the House Band (which he says he wants to be in), the members of SuperNotSoMuch for the best summer of his life, and most of all the ex-Supernovices. "Heading off to become the King of Iceland, Dave," Jason cracks as Magni departs. I don't think Magni's going to get that far. You'll see what I mean at the end.

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