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Storm Drained

Gilby goes right into his little wrap-up, starting with Storm. He likes the way she changed up her performances last night, but the "multiple trips to the bottom three" isn't so good. He calls Dilana "the one to watch," but she's back in the bottom three as well. He doesn't mention that the bottom three is where she does her worst work, though. When Gilby addresses Lukas, he has to wait for the cheering to die down before he can remark that it's Lukas's first time in the bottom three. Running out of things to say, are we, Gilby? "Tonight is your night," Gilby says. Well, that's so ambiguous that even Lukas isn't sure what it means. So Gilby sends Lukas back to the Nut Gallery, and turns it over to Tommy.

Tommy's broken out another horned hoodie tonight, and I knew I should have commented on how much I've appreciated their absence the past several weeks. Stupid me. Tommy tells the women he loves them both, and decides that he "can't do this." What, no elimination tonight? Well, of course there is; he's just making Jason do it. I wish he wouldn't do that; Jason is many things, but succinct is not one of them. He calls them both "incredible, fantastic performers, and we respect you both as comrades in rock." He finally gets to the point, which is that Storm is going home this week. Dilana looks more devastated than Storm, who bends down and gives her a motherly kiss. Jason thanks Storm, and calls for a round of applause. Dilana crutches back to the Nut Gallery.

Dave tells Storm that he could have chosen anyone to play with, and he chose Storm. He continues laying it on, saying Storm's cover last night was his favorite, and he looks forward to cranking it up in his car. "You're gonna love it, 'cause you're gonna be playing on that track," she tells him, and he readily agrees. Tommy says that he wants to be on drums, and Jason raises his hand as well. Gilby's silence and stillness speak for themselves. But aside from him they all love Storm, even though they kicked her ass off tonight. Storm's last words are to thank the audience and the Supernovices, and she tells the judges, "You will see me again." She takes a deep bow, and Dave tells her they love her, and sends her over to the Nut Gallery to say goodbye. I'm getting a little weary of every elimination being accompanied by reasons they should keep the person being eliminated.

The four Supernovices and Storm have a little moment, and then Brooke summons the final four to join her onstage. Dilana rides over on Toby's back, while Magni carries her crutches, which aren't really doing much at all tonight besides holding up the flowers she wrapped around them. Dave rattles off the names "Lukas! Magni! Dilana! Toby!" in his best carnival barker voice. Brooke reminds us that we get to pick a singer to bring back for an encore next Tuesday. Dilana keeps doing that heart sign. Why couldn't she have torn a hand muscle?

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