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Storm Drained

Back at the Mansion, it's song selection time. There are five songs up on the board, as well as a note telling the Supernovices that in addition to a cover, they're each going to do an original as part of a "two-song set." Using the word "set" rather loosely here. The Supernovices cheer, but Dilana's smile looks frozen. As she interviews later, it's kind of scary: "Zayra, Ryan, and Patrice did originals, and they're all gone." Thanks, Debbie Downer, but I don't think Supernova's going to eliminate all five of you this week.

Then it's time to rehearse with the House Band. Dilana tries to put together a version of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes," but the House Band isn't feeling it. Partly because Dilana has never heard part of the song before. First "Won't Get Fooled Again," and now this? Was there no Who in South Africa when Dilana was growing up? Were they that pissed about Pete Townshend's White City album? Paul the Keyboard Player interviews that "When people want to change songs that they've never heard before, they're changing it from a position of ignorance." Well, next week's rehearsal should be fun.

On that note, we're back in the auditorium. The crowd politely applauds, as Dilana looks like she wants to go find herself a Rock Star reality-show writer to beat the crap out of. Health care now! Brooke repeats what we just heard about each Supernovice singing two songs tonight, and then actually tells us something we don't know: during rehearsal today, Dilana ripped a calf muscle, but she's literally playing hurt. A burly roadie (do they still call them that if the band stays in one place? Discuss) physically conveys Dilana out to the stage and plops her down on a stool behind a mic stand.

As we already know, Dilana is singing "Behind Blue Eyes," because of course now she's the misunderstood villain of the piece. She sings the opening verse in a Liz Phair-sounding voice, high and thin for her, over soft organ and guitar. She doesn't even really sound like herself. As the song progresses, it doesn't sound like she really changed the arrangement all that much, except that the chords in the bridge are driving instead of pounding. If you know what I mean. And if you're waggling your eyebrows right now, you don't. Jim the Rhythm Guitarist joins in on the Townshend high harmony, and they sound pretty good sharing a microphone. "Whoo, Jimmy!" Dilana credits when that part's over. Rafael the Lead Guitarist does a solo, and then the song quiets down for the last line. Which Dilana has changed to "No one knows what it's like to be the sad girl," even though she stayed with the original line at the beginning. Look, if you're going to change it, change it, but at least be consistent.

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