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Storm Drained

Dilana hobbles off her stool as she introduces her original song, which she says is about her situation the past few weeks, "Being under a microscope." Or under a twenty-ton safe which she pulled down on herself, as the case may be. She says that even if she isn't right for Supernova, "I'm gonna keep on going, because I have a 'Super Soul.'" Oh, dear. It's one thing to declare your inner strength. It's quite another to attempt to co-brand it.

The beginning of Dilana's original song sounds a whole lot like Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" to me, but that's probably totally subjective. She sings the verse and then jumps off the stool to literally hop down the runway on her one good leg. Points for effort. The song's all about how you can't bring her down, man, because she has a Super Soul, and in fact, thanks for putting her through this and making her stronger. You're welcome, Dilana. Something tells me you're going to need that strength in the next eight days. She finishes the song on her foot, then hobbles back to the stool to be judged.

Dave's opening comment is to give Dilana credit for going on, even with her injury. "Vocally, you wouldn't know it," he says. I'm a little disappointed to learn that Dilana's voice doesn't go down any further than her knees. Dave also liked her interaction with the crowd and her "personality between songs" (wait, doesn't he mean her "Super-sonality?"), even though he didn't really dig her original song all that much. He admits that it's tough to follow The Who with your own song. Tommy disagrees with Dave on Dilana's original. Gilby repeats his earlier criticism that Dilana's lyrics are too literal. She explains too much. She goes into too much detail. She makes things too clear. She kills ambiguity. She says too much. I'll stop now. Jason gives Dilana points for "strong will and effort," and then Dilana's ready to be wheeled back to the Nut Gallery. But not before Brooke stands next to her stool to give the voting spiel and promise a Magni performance after the break.

Brooke welcomes us back while standing next to Supernova on the judges' dais, and announces that Supernova's debut show on New Year's Eve in Vegas has sold out. Damn, all two hundred seats? And it only took until the second-to-last week of the season. "Fortunately," they've added a second show on New Year's Day. On the casino floor? Ah, probably not; Brooke breaks the news that the House Band will be opening for Supernova on the tour. So that should get plenty of butts in seats, even if most audience members leave between bands. But who will be fronting the House Band? Funny you should ask, because a bunch of Supernovices will be singing "some of their greatest hits from this season." And the Idoling of Rock Star accelerates. Before this turns into a Coke commercial, Brooke introduces Magni, singing "Back In The U.S.S.R."

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