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Storm Drained

Storm's got her big-girl voice on tonight, and she's clearly not taking too seriously Tommy's advice to show a little more skin. In fact, she's got a black suit on with a long jacket buttoned all the way up to her neck, topped with a black homburg. If she were wielding an umbrella instead of a microphone, she would look like a Magritte painting. She's quite a bit taller than Dave, in case you're curious. Unfortunately, as with the last Bowie tune, she has to kind of flatten out the melody to keep it inside her range. On Dave's solo, she somehow manages to get all sexy with him without actually invading his personal space. "Wow," Gilby marvels. Sitting at home, Jill...still doesn't get it. Storm has a great time sharing the stage and the spotlight with Dave, and finishes belting the song. Wham, bam, Thank you ma'am, indeed.

"Good lord almighty people, was that something?" Storm asks the cheering crowd as Dave leaves the stage. Removing her suit jacket to reveal a white wifebeater underneath, she introduces her original, called "What The What Is Ladylike." You think that was always the title? I whatting doubt it.

The song starts in a slow, portentous minor key. The verse is nothing special, but the chorus -- "What the what is ladylike if ladies like to do what the what they like just like you" -- burrows into your skull and signs a damn lease. Storm takes off the hat during the second chorus, letting her hair fly all over. Over on the judges' dais, Tommy may be getting into this more than I've ever seen him. And I'm including his performances of Supernova songs. Of which he clearly wants this to be one. Storm wraps it up, to noisy cheers.

Dave starts out with quite a nice compliment: "I have been onstage with so many great lead felt just like that." The crowd freaks. As for the original, Dave says it was his favorite original that he's heard in both seasons. Tommy calls her "Storm Triple X-tra Large" and tells her, "That track was, uhhnnh." That's all he can say, is "Uhhnnh." Gilby disagrees, saying the song is "Vhmmm!" Oh, will they never get a along? Seriously, Gilby thought she did great on both. Storm gives some love to the crowd, and Jason's contribution to the judging is to yell Storm's name. Thanks, Jason. Normally he's not that pithy. Brooke gives Storm's voting speech and says Lukas is next.

Commercials. I don't have a foot or shoe fetish, but this DSW ad kind of makes me wish I did.

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