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Storm Drained

Toby's the last to go tonight, and he's doing another Killers song. That worked out well for him last time, I seem to recall. He sings the first verse from behind the mic stand, letting us all enjoy the tight close-up on his face. He only does half of the prechorus before going into the chorus and letting the audience sing the line, "I'm Mr. Brightside." Then at the end of the second chorus, he does the other half of the prechorus. Clever, that. He has fun with the up-tempo, energetic song, as always, because he's Toby.

After that's done with, Toby brings the room down fairly abruptly. "Does anyone ever feel like they're not in their own skin?" Dude, heavy. "Particularly after a weekend of getting really wasted?" Whew, that's a relief. But shouldn't he have said "pissed"? Anyway, his original song is even faster than the one he just sang, and with a lot more words, of not nearly as many notes. Every other line of the verse has this "Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh" call-and response thing following it, which is quite catchy. Toby's jumping all around the stage during the chorus. Then he realizes that he's spent way too much time on the actual stage, and dashes back to the no man's land between the main floor and the bleachers, and from there to the platform next to the judges' dais. He stays there all the way through the second chorus, Rafael's guitar solo, and one last verse. He even keeps singing when Tommy sneaks up behind him and tries to pants him. Toby doesn't miss a beat, even as he pushes Tommy to arm's length and holds on to his jacket for a moment. Then for the end, he dashes back to the Nut Gallery, where they mob him at the end of the song.

The first bit of news that Dave wants to share is that "'Evs' is no longer and Australian saying. It's worldwide." The crowd cheers, especially the ones with "EVS" written on their palms. Dave also calls Toby's original "instantaneously memorable." He says that "by verse two, everybody knew it." Tommy calls the performance "Bad-beeping-ass." Yes, he did the beep himself. Dork. Gilby calls it a blast, and tells Toby that he puts the fun in rock & roll. Jason talks about how Toby magically embraced the whole audience. Just for good measure, Toby leads the crowd in one last chant of "oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh" before Brooke joins him to give the night's last voting spiel and open the polls. It's one of your last chances to vote, y'all! Oh, but if you're reading this, you missed it. Sorry.

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