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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Dave turns to Dana and asks her for clarification on her "no more student" stance: does this mean that she's going to stop listening to her fellow Supernovices, or, God forbid, Supernova? Dana says that everyone there has room to learn regardless of their age. Crusty old Patrice nods in agreement. Dana says that she's learning a lot more when the Supernovices keep their mouths shut. Oops. Clearly, she's not following their example. Dave leaps to the defense of Dilana (who is currently staring daggers at Dana), saying that Dilana's advice was helpful and supportive. Dana points out the difference between one-on-one advice and feeling ganged up on. Dave totally hears her, because that's all the time we have for group interviews tonight. He passes it back to Brooke, who promises an encore and a start on the bottom three after the break.

And so it is. Jason tells Brooke that when it came to picking the encore, "There was one overwhelming one: Storm Large." Storm gets up and makes her way through the screaming crowd, high-fiving audience members all the way. Or maybe she's just checking their upper-body strength. She hits the stage and waggles her ass at the crowd. She and the band tear into "Anything Anything." Lukas wants next week's encore so bad it's giving him acid reflux. Storm does her thing, but without as many close-ups so the bug-eye thing isn't so distracting. Next week, I'd like to see her shoot a pair of sunglasses into the audience without using her hands. At the end, she flops onto her back on the runway, because the front of audience isn't packed with Teamsters this time. That would have been kind of a giveaway, encore-wise.

Brooke wastes no time bringing up the bottom three, not even mentioning that Storm isn't safe, because, whatever. It's time for her to notify the initial bottom three. In no particular order, she calls out Jill (who doesn't seem to realize what a bad night it is for her to be in the bottom three), Josh (who takes a little bow as he stands), and Zayra (whose mutterings of "Don't pick me" didn't work). Brooke says that the bottom three changed, and she other trailers are about to find out who they are. The first is Phil, who makes the goofy sad-face he uses at this time. And the other is Patrice. A ripple of shock goes through the crowd, even as Patrice smiles. Everyone else is safe. Brooke is about to tell us the name of the first person in the bottom three. She opens the envelope, closes it, and gives everyone a long, significant look. I wait for her to go to commercial, but I'm actually shocked when she says a name instead. I'm even more shocked when that name is Patrice.

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