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Patrice puts on a pair of sunglasses to join Brooke onstage. We get a nice long clip of Patrice's performance, and another clip of her interaction with the judges afterward. Gilby in particular, you'll recall, asked for something unexpected and unpredictable. Back from the clip, here's where we get a good look at her outfit: under her hoodie jacket she's got a zip-up shirt that's unzipped all the way up from her belly to about one angstrom below her left boob. Looks like she took their advice, and is going to make them try to "predict" and "expect" whether she's going to flop right out of that thing and make CBS boot up the pixellator. Tommy asks Patrice whether she is surprised to be in the bottom three. She is, but she doesn't admit it: "I'd be surprised if I go home today, but I'm happy to play for all you people and all my people out there." Tommy asks her his what and why, and she says she's singing "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead. She calls it "a great modern rock song," "graceful, and beautiful and in your face at the same time." Tommy gives her the go.

Patrice starts in slow, as the song does, out at the end of the runway behind the mic stand. Her voice is strong, the band is strong, but aside from the weird-ass Radiohead chords, it's not much of a departure for her. Yet. She pulls up the hood on her red leopard-print sweatshirt halfway through the first verse, which combined with the shades makes her look a little like a female Unabomber. For the second verse, the shades and hood come off, and Patrice comes off the stage. While singing, she makes her way over to the Nut Gallery and sings a few lines right into Lukas's face. He responds by waggling his tongue against her microphone grossly. Don't forget to not turn that thing around for the rest of the song, Patrice. She heads back up to the stage for the bridge, and she's actually working it. The jacket comes off, and she lets out an extremely un-Patrician howl before showing us why she never dances and driving it home with the last couple of lines. The crowd loves it. "That's what I'm talking about," Tommy says over the cacophony. Storm is either moved to tears or wearing really cheap glitter eye makeup. Not that those are mutually exclusive. Magni does the "We're not worthy" bow as Brooke goes to commercial.

Coming back, Brooke tells us that Josh, Zayra, Phil, and Jill are still in limbo, and takes her sweet time to announce the second name. It's Zayra, and even Zayra doesn't look surprised. She joins Brooke onstage, wearing a short, silver kimono of some kind. At least she's sticking with the spacewoman theme for this week. Clip of Zayra last night sucking, and being told she sucks. Back from that, Brooke turns the floor over to Gilby. "It's always you and I, isn't it?" he asks wearily. Zayra says something about their mutual love. Still working on the English, I see. Gilby doesn't waste any time: "You've been here before. This may be the last time you sing for us. So whaddya got?" Zayra says that she's singing "Not an Addict" by K's Choice. Sadly, nobody cheers, either because they don't know the song, or because they do know the song and are sad because Zayra's about to ruin it. Zayra says that she picked it because she's addicted to music: "This is going to explain how I feel. I just need to sing." Gilby says that she's saved herself before, and challenges her to do it again.

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