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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Post-eviction interviews. Patrice calls Supernova's decision a "huge message." Which must be Austinese for "seriously fucked-up." She says she has to bring "world-class stage presence" every week and cops to having been surprised to be in the bottom three. As for Zayra, she still can't believe it. "It's a miracle," she says, gratefully. Are they still called that when Satan is behind them?

After the show: Thanks to the forum posters, I learned that the real reason Phil was booted is because he not only said that he was in this competition to gain exposure for his own band, but is also on record with less-than-enthusiastic reactions to Supernova's music so far. So I can see booting him for that reason. I can also see Supernova leaving a flaming bag of poo on Mark Burnett's front step for leaving all of that out of the show edit and making them look like bigger idiots than they are. Think they'll address it on next week's show? Me either.

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