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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Back from commercial, Brooke reminds us what happened with Dana last week, and asks, "Can she keep it up?" Let's find out. Dana's doing "About a Girl" -- the fourth Nirvana song in four weeks, in case you're counting -- and I bet that Supernova wishes they could go back in time and prevent Kurt Cobain from ever going on MTV Unplugged. Yes, Dana's doing it acoustic. I should point out that she's playing the guitar she got from Gibson Guitars the second week. You can tell because it's signed all over by the other Supernovices (except Matt, because he was already gone by then). Each of the Supernovices got one as a gift (Except Matt, because Gibson has no love for losers). The House Band is of course lined up behind her in acoustic configuration. Dana has been working on her Dilana impression; her eyes are all raccooned out and intense, her hair is hanging in her face, and her voice goes all raspy every time she has an excuse. One interesting thing about the arrangement is that Nate the Drummer is behind the kit instead of just tapping on bongos, which gives this a little more edge than most of the acoustic performances we've seen so far. Not a lot, but a little. Dana finishes strong, puts up her guitar, and heads out to the end of the runway for her feedback.

Dave starts off by saying, "You are finally looking damaged enough to be a rock singer...there is nothing worse than a grounded, centered, well-adjusted rock singer." Hey, what about a grounded, centered, well-adjusted recapper? Huh? Fucker? FUCKER!? Sorry. Better now. Jason says that this is his favorite Dana performance so far. Gilby is shocked at Dana's metamorphosis, and she cops to having chugged a beer before coming on. Supernova's like, "Whatever it takes." Sure, they say that now, but a few years from now when her contract rider calls for a case of some rare Latvian import, they might not be so supportive.

Brooke introduces Patrice by reminding us of the "heated argument" that arose from last week's song selection, and adds that "this week, she chose her tune without causing a scene." Which, according to the webisode, is really because Storm figured out a way to run it that didn't have everyone at each others' throats, but whatever. "Sorry, Tommy, no catfight for you this week," she adds. Oh, stop encouraging him. Unless there's going to be a similar remark about Josh. Anyway, Patrice takes the stage in her jog bra and a fur-lined vest, and she does her thing on "Remedy" by the Black Crowes. Which has been established, after four weeks, as Patrice's thing. Strong voice, walking around, smiling, etc. I'm having trouble coming up with new ways to describe her performances. Tommy even looks bored. I will say that the House Band sounds great on the ragged harmonies during the chorus.

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