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Supernova's Bassist Gets His Phil

Dave's irritation is palpable: "I'm just not seeing anything different, and frankly, I'm getting a little bored." He tells Patrice that she needs to start changing it up, "or you are wasting this opportunity." Patrice turns it around, asking Dave if he does different things onstage. Dave: "The difference is that I have a job and I'm not auditioning?" Snap. In the Nut Gallery, Magni flinches at that. Gilby adds that they're looking for the unexpected and unpredictable: "Do something. This is your warning." Ooh, big talk, considering they can't touch her until she's in the bottom three, which won't happen until...oh, I'd say tomorrow at the earliest.

Brooke tells us about Toby's "low-key" performance last week, which he's regretted ever since. Tonight he's doing "White Wedding" by Billy Idol. During song selection, Jill remarked that she should probably stay away from the wedding theme after her Violet debacle, but offered to loan her outfit to whomever ended up with this. Sad to say, Toby didn't take her up on it. It's also sad to say that Toby's lower range has a limit, and he hits it repeatedly on the first verse and chorus. Wisely, he goes up an octave after that. He's bopping all over the stage, singing down to the chicks in the front row, one of whom gives him the devil horns and a spectacular view down her esophagus. Yikes. He's practically tripping over her uvula. Toby keeps working it, though, perhaps overcompensating a little from last week. He ends on one big "Start agaaaain" which goes on even after the band stops, which is a showboat move that totally works for him. Jason's out of his chair.

"'Ello, mate!" Tommy cockneys. Toby almost responds normally, but then remembers to say, "How ah ya, mate!" That just gets more embarrassing every time. Tommy asks if everyone liked the performance. Surprisingly, they did. Gilby echoes my sentiments about Toby struggling in the opening, but doing better further along. Jason says that this was Toby's best performance so far. Why don't they just paste that in after every performance? Hell, for all I know, they did. Someone gives a "good on ya, mate," and Brooke does her thing again before commercial.

Making a whole not-my-type sandwich, Brooke sits between Storm and Zayra in the Nut Gallery as she introduces "The Iceman." From Magni's reaction as he waits onstage to start, you can totally tell that Brooke's the only one who calls him that. Anyway, he's singing "Heroes" by David Bowie, although it sounds more like the Wallflowers than David Bowie. Yes, it's an elusive double-cover! A rare beast in the rock world, indeed. His voice sounds nice, especially on the low, quiet opening verse and chorus. But he's also playing rhythm guitar, which confines him to that one spot behind the microphone stand. Worse yet, and even he looks bored.

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